Safety First

Traditional industry approaches require understanding of specific site characteristics, and the deployment of dispersion models to meet the standards set by regulators and occupational health and safety standards.

Inversion Point goes a step further. Leveraging state-of-the-art computer modeling, we simulate all possible conditions, allowing us to effectively and dynamically manage the future operations. Dispersion towers are designed to surpass all safety requirements, resulting in nearby hydrogen peroxide concentrations similar to those encountered in North American cities – while significantly reducing the concentrations of other atmospheric pollutants. This is not “business as usual”, it’s our commitment to a safer, cleaner world.

What Does This Solution Look Like in Practice?

Our solution combines production of hydrogen peroxide with a nearby dispersion tower. Dispersion towers are optimally sized at around 600 meters (2,000 feet) which is consistent with other tall North American radio towers. These play a crucial role in safely dispersing the hydrogen peroxide at high altitudes, allowing it to react efficiently with methane.

Inputs to create the hydrogen peroxide include purified water, oxygen, and hydrogen which are combined in the presence of catalysts. These materials are readily available to allow hydrogen peroxide production to scale up to meet market demand.